All time Reader Favorites Round up. Vegan

Vegan Mofo Post 20. Final Post!

What better way to end Vegan Month of Food, than a round up of all time reader favorite recipes! Top 10 all time favorites from the blog. I will do a round up of my favorite bloggers recipes in a few too. Need a few days to breathe :) 
Thank you to all the readers for sticking with me, for the wonderful comments and following my food journey. Heres to continuing cruelty free deliciousness ! 

This month my theme was Pizza. See all my Pizza Month of food Posts from this month here

The all time favorite.. Obviously the Naan flat bread. The regular one with vegan yogurt(pictured above). Which you can easily convert into a Pizza crust. Make on stove top or baked.

The Naan bread post has many options. The one with Avocado instead of the yogurt…Soft and green

Stuffed with grated Cauliflower, carrots and kale. (Pictured below). Make this!

And my  Glutenfree Naan  also made the top 12. recipe can be found here
Yes, the below picture is of a gf Nann flatbread!

The home-made Doritos Spice blend. Since the feature on Oprah :). This post keeps getting hits! Adjust the cayenne to your spice level, do not skip on the sour black salt and sprinkle this on everything. I had sprinkled it on creamy pasta, hence the picture.

The Chickpea flour Veggie Omelette(soyfree, glutenfree). This omelette is a weekly fixture in this house, with different veggies, sometimes folded with loads of cheese in, and served with different sauces, ketchup, sriracha, chipotle habanero. Its not a surprise that this is in the all time reader faves too.


General Tso’s Tempeh – an easy weekday meal.

The Chickpea Quinoa chard Pizza crust topped with Roasted cauliflower and grape tomatoes. (GF)..hmm I think I should make lot more things with chickpeas:)
I love this nutritious crust!

Banana Oat Quinoa Cashew Quick bread bar. 

Banana quick bread with whole grains and some cooked quinoa, baked in a cake pan to make easy to carry thin bars.

Chana Masala Hummus Pizza.. 😀 Another chickpea recipe :)

Leftover Chana masala(chickpea/garbanzo bean curry) made into hummus and used as a topping on a Pizza.

Mutter Paneer- Spiced Tempeh and Peas curry. (GF)
This is one simple North Indian Curry with a few spices. Make it!

No, I kid you not.. these made the top 10 too.. Khaman Dhokla – Steamed Savory Chickpea flour Snack cakes. GF

These soft savory Glutenfree “chickpea flour” snack cakes are easy, delicious and interesting breakfast or snack from West India.

And from the last 30 days..

Tempeh Tikka Masala on glutenfree Oat Focaccia crust. GF
Tried and tested, this is one keeper Glutenfree crust that no one can believe is free of wheat/gluten!
It doesnt hurt that the crust is loaded with a load of mouth-watering Tikka Masala!

Deconstructed Gobi Paratha Pizza- Cauliflower crust. GF

This grain-free gluten-free crust is tricky to get the right crisp, but the deliciousness makes up for it! 

And of course all the other 18 Pizzas from the Month are in my favorites:) Quite a few Allergy friendly options!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Vegan Month of Food. Hope you all enjoyed my Pizza creations! Join me tomorrow for a Virtual Vegan Potluck. 100 bloggers bringing a vegan dish each to a Virtual potluck! A chain linking all of the bloggers. 

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  1. says

    I have so very much enjoyed all of your squealingly delicious pizzas and breads and other yumful treats! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring and helping us kinda-fumbly-in-the-kitchen cooks. :)

  2. says

    Oh, this post is so handy! It’s nice to have a starting point since there are so many amazing looking recipes on your blog! As you know, I made the naan with avocado, and it was a sensation! I haven’t used it as a pizza crust yet, but I have plans for it.

  3. Corrin Radd says

    Yours was my favorite of all mofo blogs. Great job! I’ve already made two of your pizzas and I’m planning on trying many more.


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