Chickpea Flour Vegan Omelette. Pancake with Onions and Tomato. Eggless Soy-free Gluten-free Recipe

Vegan Omelet with Chickpea flour

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! I am trying to get out of vacation mode and back to regular posting. It was a staycation, and we tried really hard to stay away from work/blog and failed to do so on most of the days :) It was a much needed break though. The last few days of summer and then shorter days and grey skies. the Pacific Northwest.

One of the weekends when I was too occupied and exhausted with the blog transfer work, hubbs took over the weekend brunch. Chilla/Pudla, Poha, Upma, Bread Pakora are the Indian breakfast things that he usually can whip up without help. He decided to up his game and experiment with the Chilla. He wanted an Onion tomato Uttapam (south Indian pancakes), so he improvised to make the chickpea flour pancake with onion and tomato slices. To make them fluffy, he added some non dairy yogurt. and voila! This pancake uses the Uttapam style that hubbs remembers from some street vendor with a caramelized onion and tomato slices on the pancake. You can add the veggies to the batter, or add chopped or sliced veggies on top of the batter to make it easier to flip and also to reduce the chances of the veggies being more burnt than caramelized.

The Chickpea flour Vegan Omelette to make!

Chickpea Flour Vegan Omelet | Vegan Richa

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Grease the pan. When hot, place the slices of onion, tomato and jalapeno.

chickpea omelette onion tomato3244

Then pour the batter on the slices. Cook on medium heat until the center is not sticky. Flip carefully.
Alternatively, pour the batter and then place the veggies on top of the batter. this will be easier to flip.

Pictured pan is pfoa pfoe free Cuisinart GreenGourmet 10-Inch Round Griddle and Crepe Pan. With any kind of pan, Keep the pan for pancakes and crepes and don’t use it for anything else for the best results (no sticking, no or minimal greasing needed etc).

chickpea omelette onion tomato3246

Flip and cook for another few minutes, serve hot with ketchup, Sriracha, chutneys, roasted potatoes, hash browns or other breakfast fix ins.

Chickpea flour Omelette

Chickpea flour Vegan Omelet with Onions and Tomato slices
Allergen Information: Free of Dairy, egg, corn, soy, gluten, grain, yeast

Makes 3 to 4
1 cup chickpea flour (I use Bobs Red Mill Chickpea/Garbanzo Bean Flour)
1 Tablespoon flaxseed meal or chia seed meal
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp each of turmeric, garlic powder, kala namak(Indian black salt), baking soda, cumin powder

3 Tbsp non dairy plain yogurt(unsweetened or lightly sweetened, I used unsweetened So Delicious coconut milk yogurt)
1 1/4 cup water

tomato slices
red onion slices
raw jalapeno slices or pickled jalapeno slices
chopped cilantro (optional)
Variations: Add 1 to 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast for cheesy flavor. Add 1/4 tsp carom seeds/ajwain for Indian Chilla flavor. Add chopped cilantro and veggies to the batter.

1. In a bowl, mix all dry ingredients.
2. Add the non dairy yogurt and 1 cup of water to dry and mix in. Add more water if needed to make a thick pour-able batter. Mix well so there are no lumps. let sit for 2 mins.
3. Heat a heavy bottom skillet at medium heat. When the skillet is hot, spray or brush oil to grease. Place tomato, onion and jalapeno slices on the pan. Mix and Pour the batter to cover the slices. Move the pan if needed to move the batter around.
* Alternatively, pour the batter and spread on the pan. then place the vegetable slices on the batter. This will be easier to flip than the veggies at the bottom.
* Make thinner and smaller pancakes to get a hang of these to start with.
4. Cook for 4 to 7 mins, depends on the pan and the thickness of the pancake.
5. You can serve it as soon as the center is set. or flip very carefully and cook for another 2 to 3 mins and serve. Serve hot with ketchup, Sriracha, chutneys, roasted potatoes, hash browns or other breakfast fix ins.

Note: If you don’t have vegan yogurt, use a mixture of 3 Tbsp non dairy milk + 1/4 tsp vinegar + 1/2 tsp lemon juice. the yogurt though makes the pancake much fluffier.
Add shredded vegan cheese or shredded veggies like cauliflower or carrots to the batter for a thicker pancake.
If you are using besan, you will need slightly less water to make a thick batter.

If the pancake loves to stick to the pan, just scramble it up. 

Vegan Omelet

these pancakes are being shared at VVP


  1. Alexandra Vicuna-Perry says

    What can I substitute the Flax or Chia seeds with? I have allergies to milk, eggs, cheese, fish and nuts. I love your recipes. Thank you.

  2. Marty says

    Will you come to my house and cook for me?! Aaagh, this looks fabulous! I’m on my way to the Good Food health food store in Missoula, MT (3.5 hrs from where I live – outside Salmon, ID), and am definitely getting chickpea flour (they better have it!). Yum, yum!

    Course I’d rather be in Mumbai buying it from a street vendor…! Thank you for sharing!

    • says

      yeah me too. you can order some online. i usually get mine from amazon or, because i order in bulk :) its cheaper and also fresher. try bob’s red mill garbanzo bean flour online.

  3. says

    Love that this is made with chickpea flour, and it looks delish! Have printed this recipe out to try it and even figured out where to get chickpea flour. I’ve never used it before. My only local source sells HUGE bags (we have a really large Indian population in our smallish city so it is easy to find ethnic foods) but I can order a small bag from Bob’s Red Mill. Who knows, I may want to buy that monster bag someday :)

  4. Moon says

    I am getting up to make myself this for breakfast as soon as I am done writing this comment! I have been making chickpea omelettes for a good while but I always use the fat free vegan recipe – it’s time or a change. Away I go!

    Thank you!

  5. says

    As I first saw this recipe I thought “oh that would be good with probably regular WW flour..” but I’m encouraged to finally stop being lazy/cheap and try chickpea flour instead! This will be on the breakfast menu the next weekend I’m home!

  6. Julie says

    Had to give it try this morning & was surprised how much I liked them, Richa. Whenever I need chixpea flower, I grind dried garbanzo beans in my coffee mill – works like a charm & way cheaper than the store bought flour! Now that I have divulged my pancake, I will make one for hubby. LOL

  7. says

    I just finished photographing a ‘Pudla’ recipe for my site a few days ago – so easy to make and my little ones love it! My version is more like an uttapum with the veggies and herbs mixed into the batter. I’ll definitely have to try out your recipe next time with the chia seeds – never would have thought to add them in. Thanks!

  8. jen says

    Is there something to use instead of the yogurt? The dairy alternatives here seem to have loads of unrecognizable (aka chemical) ingredients.

  9. Resa says

    I made this today and it was lovely! I didn’t have yogurt, so I used sparkling mineral water instead of regular and it added a nice lightness. Thanks for so many wonderful vegan, gluten-free recipes!!

  10. Robby A. says

    I just made these chickpea omelet/pancake. The first one I poured into pan was a mess that never cooked thru, but I poured another one a lot thinner this time and it worked out. I made 2 successfully and they were DELICIOUS!!!!!! I am so thankful for this recipe. I’ve been waiting for a non tofu based “egg” dish. I got nothing against tofu, but a lil change is nice!!!

    • says

      Awesome! so glad you made the next one and it worked out! the stove, pan etc change the cooking time. A thinner version will cook up faster and will be easier to flip :)

  11. jen says

    Oops my bad. You did already write that. ;)
    And Ohhh My Gooodness! HOW DELISH!! I ate half before the veggies even finished cooking!
    thanks for sharing!

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