Father's Day Vegan Breakfast Brunch Round up.

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Happy Friday All!

Did I mention that my parents are visiting. Squee! 
I haven't met my parents since 2 years and my sister and brother since 8. I cannot fly around yet, so I have to depend on others visiting. Every time someone visits, the days are filled with non stop smiles. Families in India are usually very close-knit. Sometimes so overly close, that everyone has to know everything about everybody. It might seem that the word privacy does not exist in any dictionary. But that is how the amazing support system, that can be depended on at any time, is created. :)

Here are some Breakfast/brunch ideas for Father's Day! Give your special Dad a special hug and some awesome food!

Make some Cinnamon Rolls! (pictured above)
Tried and tested by many. 

Make Baked French Toasts.

Crusted with Coconut...

Vegan Baked Coconut Crusted French Toast. Oil-free

Topped with Blueberry Crisp

Stove Top French Toasts


Molten Lava

Baked Doughnuts.

Spiced Apple Cake, or use any other fruit in this not too sweet, spiced Cake.

Tiramisu Pancakes

Savory Options:

Which is what My dad would love. We all grew up eating grain and Veggie hash type things called Upma or Poha, Veggie or Lentil stuffed paratha flat breads and chickpea flour Chilla/Puda/Pudla. I dont remember a single breakfast that was all sweet. There would be some leftover dessert or Halwa loaded with nuts, but that would be the after side to finish of the breakfast. 
No wonder, my Dad makes a face when I mention eating pancakes for breakfast. I sent some multi-grain pancake mix to Mom a few years back and she makes savory pancakes with it.:)

Savory Oats Poha with veggies GF

Chilla - Chickpea flour Omelettes GF
Or these fat mini-Omelettes filled with grated Cauliflower and cheese.

Stuffed French Toasts. Samosa Toasts. Really you cant go wrong with Samosa potatoes.

Soy-free Frittata with Almond Feta  GF. No Tofu in this awesome Frittata

Hearty Yam and White Bean Hash.

Stuffed Naan!  or Mom's Aloo Paratha

Planning a Lunch?.. then make this easy but delicious Cauliflower Steak with mushroom gravy.
Or make some meat-less burgers, also tried, tested and featured in a bunch of mags, from this Memorial Day Burger round up. 
Happy Father's day to all Dads.


  1. I love your roundups...so many goodies in one page!

  2. G'day and WOW What a delicious round up indeed, TRUE!
    I wish I could reach through the screen and sample each one in turn too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. Samosa toasts? How have I not had those in my life before?!

  4. Thank you thank you for sharing all this yummaliciousness! Please adopt me...I want to live in your kitchen. :)

  5. loved the round up....thank you for sharing

  6. Oh my, these all look amazing. I wouldn't know where to start ... I'll just have to take one of each, please :)

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  8. My favorite, I can't wait to try these and drizzle a little frosting over them : )

  9. Great round up Richa- so excited your Mom and Dad are coming to the states! My family is like that, very close and nosy, but in a good caring way- and you are right, having a big close family is an amazing support structure!


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