Gobi Aloo Wrap – Cauliflower Potato, Toasted Red Lentil hummus, Pickled Onion Wrap. Vegan Recipe

Vegan Gobi Aloo Wrap - Cauliflower Potato, Toasted Red Lentil hummus, Pickled Onion Wrap

Vegan Month of Food Wednesday! And time for a wrap. 

If you dont like to eat a big Indian meal, all spread out on one big plate with a flat bread, breaking a flatbread into pieces using your hand. picking up the dry veggie side with the flatbread and dipping it in the lentil dal or other soups/stews etc.. Then you can put everything into a wrap :)

This wrap. There is the delicious Gobi Aloo mutter Subzi(Cauliflower Potato and peas stir fry), some thick red lentil soup – Masoor Dal, cilantro and pickled onions. Serve with some cilantro chutney or Sriracha. Everything that can go on a Thali(plate), can go in a wrap! I used red/pink/orange lentils for the wrap since cook they really quickly. You can use any lentils or beans really. Just add some spices, cook and mash them up and use as hummus base. Any Indian spiced Daal cooked with less water can be made into hummus. Eat more Lentils:)

And I burnt my rice while engrossed in writing up this post. It tastes quite toasty.. hmm now there is an idea. :) I am on a Rice and Dal diet for 2 days after getting my root canal. One down, another one to go. 

Other goodies to add in a wrap.. 
this Adraki Gobi Gajar Mutter(Ginger-y Cauliflower Carrot Pea stir fry)
these Samosa Potatoes :)
this Lentil stew with cauliflower
these Potatoes with whole spices
these Green beans and potatoes
this thick split Mung Bean soup with chili garlic.
and many more on the blog.

Aloo Gobi Wrap 

Aloo Gobi Wrap | Vegan Richa

~Its my Brain to blog Wednesday~
Addressing some Frequently discussed topics as a part of Vegan Month of food. There is a lot more than can be added to each of these answers, but I try to keep it short. :) Also, please imagine the answers being given with a smile in a nice tone. It is difficult to project that tone in a written medium. Thats how hubbs always is during verbal discussions, calm, collected, and full of information. And that I learn from him every day. 

Soy is super bad for you. It gives everyone Man boobs. 
Doctors suggest that I eat “fill in animal product” for “fill in any need”..

Pic courtesy ThisModernWorld

Meat, dairy, egg industry is like what Tobacco Industry was a few decades ago . Tobacco companies were able to maintain a strong pro-tobacco façade. Smoking focuses the mind. It’s good for you (doctors smoke!). It’s great for weight loss. It’s sexy. It’s cool. The tobacco industry spent big bucks to keep these ideas in the mind of the public for as long as it could. There is a lot of money in the Meat/Dairy/egg industry too.
There is lots on information(some times too much) both for and against arguments esp for Soy. Some of the studies might be tainted as in funded by the meat/dairy industry and some other for arguments might be tainted by support from the Soy industry. It is difficult to decide one way or the other, but choosing a side just because of the money(ads for eg to drink Real milk that comes from cows with a bunch of celebrities endorsing it)?

What about all the good stuff. Cheese, Chocolate, Ice cream. I will have to “give up” so many delicious things.
On a plant based diet, We don’t “give up” anything. We “substitute” it with alternatives and work to vegan-ize dishes that we know. Some are difficult, some easy to either find a alternative or vegan-ize. But delicious, they all are. There are so many brands of vegan cheese, desserts, chocolates easily available in the markets these days. My mom has been badgering the larger markets in our small home town in India to supply Almond milk. They already have soy milk and some flavored almond milk has hit the shelves. (Yay! for Ma)

But there is so much to do. change so many things in the diet, and outside diet and then there is eco-friendly, green, child labor free, fair trade and all that! And other immediate problems around me faced by human people. I am overwhelmed.

So am I. But as Colleen says, Dont do nothing because you cannot do everything. Do something, anything. And dont stop at that and call it your comfort zone. We all can Keep doing something and something more.

Why wont you eat just a little bit to participate, to please the kids/family, to -fill in whatever reason-. This vegan thing sounds too extreme/cult etc.

Knowingly I will not eat or use an animal product. Would you ask someone who is allergic to something or who doesn’t eat certain foods for religious reasons, to eat just a little for the above reasons. And if someone was asked and declined, would it be considered extreme?

It is difficult being Vegan(diet).
The transition to the diet initially feels difficult just like any major change in life like moving to a new city, getting married, new job, or having a baby. Take it one step at a time. Once you figure the ropes out, it feels like something you have been doing forever. 
There will always be instances when surrounded by limited options which can be difficult. But the ever increasing demand for vegan options are making those situations easier every year. In the past few years itself, I have seen several restaurants around change their menu to either identify already vegan options or adding some. Several people in different parts of the world are choosing plant based diet with or without easy availability of alternatives. 

Lets start with one plant based meal today.. this wrap.. shall we :)

~ end babble for the day ~

Toast the washed lentils.

Add water, spices, tomatoes and cook until tender.

Lentils all done after 10 minutes.

Mash them up a bit to make them easy to spread. Taste and adjust salt and spice.

Spread on a warm tortilla. with some extra lentils in the middle.

Top with cauliflower potato stir fry, pickled onions and cilantro. 

Wrap, cut, serve with hot sauce and eat up.

Gobi Aloo Wrap – Cauliflower Potato , Toasted Red lentils hummus, Pickled Onion Wrap
Allergen Information: Free of Dairy, egg, corn, soy, nut, yeast. Can be made gluten-free with gf wraps. Can be made grain free with no wraps. Serve in a bowl.

Serves 2
For the Indian spiced Lentil hummus:
1/2 cup red/pink/orange lentils
1 cup water
1/2 medium tomato chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1 teaspoon Sriracha sauce or to taste

1 Recipe Gobi Aloo mutter(Cauliflower Potato and peas stir fry)
Pickled Red Onion
Medium or Large tortillas

For the Lentil hummus:
Add a teaspoon of oil in a deep pan and heat on medium. Toast washed lentils in oil for 2 minutes. Add water, salt, spices, sriracha and tomato. Mix well. Partially cover and cook at low-medium heat. (13-15 minutes). Mix and mash after 15 minutes and use.

Warm the tortilla. Spread a layer of lentil hummus. Add some more lentils at the 2/3  point of the tortilla.
Top with Cauliflower Potato and Peas stir fry.
Top with pickled onions, salt and pepper and cilantro.
Wrap, cut and serve with cilantro chutney or Sriracha/hot sauce. 

To make Picked Onions, soak the sliced red onion in enough vinegar. Add a generous dash of salt, sugar and chili powder. Mix, cover and let sit for a few hours and use. I usually store mine in the refrigerator for a few days and use as needed. 
Add other crunchy veggies like red bell pepper, celery, carrots, Kale, Lettuce.

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  1. says

    love your brain to blog posts. that vintage cigarette poster is kind of awesome.

    i love the way this wrap looks. so hearty and filled with some of my favorite things. plus, i think everything tastes better in a wrap 😉

  2. says

    I’ve already had dinner and desert, but I think I could still manage to eat a whole one of these beauties!! I so love cilantro too, the taste of it always makes me feel like I’m in a nice and tasty Mexican restaurant, yum!

  3. says

    I think potato and caulflower could be my favourite two veggies for Indian flavours. I empathised with the rest of the post – I had the first argument that really made me angry with someone about veganism this week – normally, I’m quite happy to talk about veganism with people who are interested or against it, but this person was persistently daft, telling me that her friend who was a vegan had a thyroid problem that was cured when “she ate protein again”. Too stupid for words. Anyhow, reading some sense from you made me feel better!

  4. Anonymous says

    WoW! the typical cauliflower-potatoe-spicey-taste is great whatsoever, but the pickled onions give this dish such a twist I never want to forget! :) :) :)


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