Vegan Diwali Recipes – 40 Sweets, Snacks, Entrees. Happy World Vegan Day! Gluten-free and Soy-free options

Vegan Diwali Sweets and Recipes

Pictured above: Potato Quinoa Tikki Patties w/ sweet n sour chickpeas

This is one amazing round up for Diwali and for World Vegan Day!. Happy Deepavali!

There is celebration in the air. Diwali/Deepavali is like Christmas back home in India. Everyone preps up sweets and savories and big meals, cleans up the house, keeps it lighted through the night. We meet up with friends and family and spend time chatting away and eating the goodies. It is an amazing festival, but how many of us really know the significance of the celebration? The festival of Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over dark, good over evil and knowledge over darkness. There are several tales and reasons behind the festival. It is to celebrate the goodness in everyone, the prosperity, health and knowledge. The knowledge that we choose not to know, by choosing to exploit animals to celebrate our happiness.  
Let us include the same animals in the celebration this year. Let everyone be happy and celebrate with us. Let us make this Diwali Dairy-free so the cows can keep their young calfs and can celebrate the bond of motherhood.

Raw Cashew Barfi Truffles

Cashew Burfi Truffles.

Vegan Diwali Sweets:

Gulab Jamuns
Cashew Barfi Truffles (Veganosaurus)
Coconut Almond Laddoos
Kheer – vermicelli in almond milk (Veg Recipes of India)
Gajar Halwa (Veganosaurus)
Apple Jalebis with Rabri cream 
Badusha (Holy Cow Vegan Recipes)
Besan Quinoa Laddoo
Almond Kheer (Holy Cow Vegan Recipes)
Plain Jalebi 
Pink Coconut Laddoo
Dry Fruit Laddoo (Veg Recipes of India)
Kaju Katli – Cashew fudge
Adhirasam (Holy Cow Vegan Recipes)
Oil-free Wheat Choorma

And you can also get 15 more recipes, all of the ones in the below Table of contents photograph in my Vegan Diwali Sweets Ebook! All the proceeds from the book sale will be donated. 

It is also World Vegan Day today. Vegan or not, many of us care about animals, health and/or care about the environment. Today, in honor of World Vegan Day, I would love for you to take the passion for one or all of those things and do something about it. It is not that difficult to choose to eat plant-based with so many options around. Sure it is a bit of a chnage initially in the way you shop and maybe how and what you cook. But it becomes a norm very quickly. Here are a few tips to help with the transition.

Breakfast and Savory Snacks:

Baked Namak Paare
Bhurji Pav (Vegan on the Prowl)
Potato Quinoa Tikki Patties with Imli Chole/chickpeas
Oats Poha – Savory Oats Breakfast
Garam Masala Chickpeas
Batata Wada (Veg Recipes of India)
Matar Kachori (Veg Recipes of India)
Quinoa Chivda – Savory Trail mix
Chana Masala Spiced Nuts
Samosa Stuffed Bread Pakora


Vegetable Jalfrezi
Navratan Korma (Holy cow Vegan Recipes)
Dahl Makhani
Rogan Josh (Holy Cow Vegan Recipes)
Palak/Saag Tofu “Paneer”
Matar Khumb (Tongue Ticklers)
Quinoa Biryani
Rajma- Kidney Bean curry
Mutter Tempeh “Paneer”
Malai Kofta (Veganosaurus)
Savji Tempeh
Gobi Broccoli Makhani curry
Chole Bhature (Veg Recipes of India)
Tempeh & Kale Tikka Masala
Pakore Waali Punjabi Kadhi  – Baked broccoli fritters in coconut yogurt gravy
Methi Matar Malai(Tongue Ticklers)
Black eyed Pea and Mung Bean Stew
Naan flatbreads – Plain, Stuffed, Garlic, Avocado.

Vegan Naan flatbread

So What are you cooking up this weekend! Happy Diwali!

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