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Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes. Easy Chocolate Cake, Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Mousse, Chia Chocolate Shake, Marble Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Silk Pie and More. Vegan Chocolate Recipes for Valentines Day.

Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes. Easy Chocolate Cake, Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Mousse, Chia Chocolate Shake, Marble Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Silk Pie and More. Vegan Chocolate Recipes for Valentines Day #vegan #veganricha #valentinesday |

I mean do we really need a day to eat more chocolate! Make a Moist Fudgy Chocolate Cake, a mousse cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blizzard, Truffkes,, Brownies, Fudge and what not. Everything Chocolatey, Everything comfort food, Everything Palm oil free. 

What are you making today! or for Valentines Day? My current faves are the super simple Boston Cream Pie Pudding, Cookie Dough Truffles, All Chocolate Ginger Fudgy Cookies and the PB Blender Cake. They disappear too soon.


Cookie Dough Truffles. Fudgy Cookie dough coated in melted chocolate and topped with coarse sea salt. Vegan Gluten-free Recipe |

Cookie Dough Truffles GF

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake. Vegan Chocolate Recipes for Valentines Day #vegan #veganricha #valentinesday |

Vegan Triple Layer Mousse Cake.  above

Chocolate Cake with Nut Butter Chocolate Ganache. 

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache. Simple Chocolate Layer Cake. Add raspberry or apricot preserves. Soy-free Palm Oil-free Recipe |

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut Oil. Palm oil free 

The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. Palm oil-free! Gluten-free option. Somer's Easy Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies that are perfect for the holidays, bake sales and gifting. Vegan Nut-free Soy-free Palm oil-free Recipe. |

Fudgy Chocolate Ginger Cookies. GF

Fudgy Chocolate Cookies with Candied Ginger. Flourless Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies. Vegan Gluten-free Paleo Refined oil-free Cookie Recipe |

Cookie Dough Brownie Bars

Cookie Dough Brownie Bars

Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge

Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Bars | Vegan Richa

Vegan Cookie Dough Blizzard.

Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie Dough Blizzard | Vegan Richa

Blender Peanut Butter or Almond Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Peanut Butter Cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Glaze. Easy 7 Ingredient Blender Cake. Ready in 25 minutes. #Vegan #Cake #Recipe |

Chickpea flour Chocolate Chip Cookies GF

These huge Chickpea Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies are chewy and a perfect treat. These cookies need 1 Bowl, are grain-free, gluten-free vegan and can be made nut-free. |

Blueberry Brownies. 

Double Blueberry Brownies. Summer Dark Chocolate Brownies with blueberries and almonds. Blueberries cooked to a compote in the wet and blueberries added with chocolate chips in the batter. Vegan Brownie Recipe. Easily made gluten-free |

Brownie Batter Chia Shake. 

Brownie Batter Orange Chia Shake. Zesty Chocolate Chia Smoothie to start the day or to snack on this summer. Blend chocolate chips, non dairy milk, chia with or without zest, chill and serve. Vegan Glutenfree Soyfree Recipe. |

PB Chocolate Marble Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Marble Cake | Vegan Richa #vegan #peanutbutter #chocolate #cake

Boston Cream Pie Parfaits – Ready in 10 mins!

Boston Cream Pie Pudding Parfaits. Creamy Almond flavored pudding layered with smooth chocolate. Serve as pudding cups or add other layers of vanilla wafers or vanilla sponge cake to make Parfaits. Vegan Soy-free Recipe. Can be made nut-free. |

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | Vegan Richa

Individual Chocolate Layer Cakes (Pancakes!)

Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake | Vegan Richa

Dark Chocolate Silk Pie

Vegan Dark Chocolate Silk Pie. Vegan Chocolate Recipes for Valentines Day #vegan #veganricha #valentinesday |

Vegan Brownies

Easy Vegan Brownies Recipe. Fudgy, delicious. Add walnuts, peppermint, ginger, peanut butter swirl for variation | #vegan #brownie

Almond Butter Chocolate Mousse GF

Almond Butter Chocolate Mousse | Vegan Richa

Mexican hot chocolate GF

Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix | Vegan Richa

Sweet Potato Chocolate Pie with Almond Crust. GF

 Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Pie | Vegan Richa

Hazelnut Walnut Brownies. GF

Hazelnut Walnut Brownies - No Bake Brownies with dates, roasted hazelnuts and walnuts. Easy Fudgy No Bake Vegan Brownies. No Bake Nutella Brownies. Vegan Gluten-free Recipe. |

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Hi, I'm Richa! I create flavorful plant based recipes that are inspired by my Indian upbringing, including many gluten-free, soy-free, and oil-free options.

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  1. Ashley says:

    This is my kind of blog post. I’m newly vegan and have a chocolate addiction. Most of my desserts include chocolate plant based protein powder and I want to be able to make delicious things without that. I pinned about 6 of these!

  2. Boyan Minchev says:

    This vegan chocolate dessert is amazing, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe.

  3. Pam says:

    Thank you! These all look SO good! Going with the PB Cake with Choc. PB Glaze first! 🙂

  4. Neni says:

    SO MANY RECIPES! I want to try them all but I think I start with the cookie dough truffels, they look too good.